Reading, Writing and Maths Tuition, Christchurch | Years 0-10

“Computers aren't magic; teachers are.” Craig R. Barrett, Intel Corp.

Humans teaching humans

Our tuition is about kids, not computers

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What Our Human Teachers Can Do For You

Because our teachers are people, they can respond to the particular needs of your child. Here are just some of the things they can do!

Respond to Your Child's Learning Needs

Unlike a computer, our teachers will be able to tell when your child needs further explanation even if she isn't asking. They'll know when she's finding something too hard or too easy, they'll interpret and respond to anxiety or distraction, and they'll identify your child's readiness to move on to new learning.

Motivate and Encourage

Everybody feels good when they succeed. Our teachers will recognise and celebrate your child's successes, big and small, so he'll receive the recognition he deserves.

Communicate With You

Our teachers can talk to you about your child's progress, answer any questions you might have, and provide ideas on how to support him at home.

Add Character

We encourage our teachers to talk to their students, to take an interest in their daily lives and even have a laugh or two. We want our students to feel comfortable and valued at Marley Perkins.

Not That We're Knocking Computers!

There's no denying that online tutorials, videos, games and information are very useful when it comes to learning skills. We encourage kids to use them when appropriate. But the most effective teacher is still the human kind.